November 2018

  1. The FLS-16 series

    The FLS-16 series
    FLS-16 series offers three models with various DIP Switch selectable Constant Current settings. FLS-16-350 DALI LA with 180mA – 300mA- 350mA selectable by DIP Switch   FLS-16-500 DALI LA with 350mA – 400mA – 450mA – 500mA selectable by DIP Switch FLS-16-700 DALI LA with 550mA – 600mA – 650mA – 700mA selectable by DIP Switch The FLS-16 series has been designed with a compact plastic case, power...
  2. Do you struggle to find rotary DALI Dimmers?

    Do you struggle to find rotary DALI Dimmers?
    Ecopac Power now have available a DALI Digital Rotary Wall Dimmer the ECO-DALI-DIM is designed to use a DALI signal to dim DALI compatible LED Drivers such as the ELED-D range. Using DALI technology, Ecopac Power can offer both a DALI LED Driver solution and a rotary dimmer. The minimum and maximum brightness levels are adjustable to accommodate differing driver characteristics...

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