Non-dim Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Our non-dim LED Drivers suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Our on-off range includes various IP ratings, including IP20, IP65 and IP67, as well as various form factors including slim line and low profile.

Our IP67 rated LED Drivers are commonly used in signage and display applications, whilst our IP20 LED Drivers are commonly used in furniture and decorative lighting applications.

APV Series

The constant voltage APV series, is used for small and compact areas. Suitable for LED Strip applic…

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ECP Series

The ECP series from Ecopac Power are standard non-dim LED drivers. These low profile and are suitab…

10 Products

ECP Slimline Series

The ECP Slimline series from Ecopac Power are standard non-dim Linear LED drivers. These Slimline D…

7 Products

ELG Series

The ELG Series from Mean Well comes in both constant current and constant voltage variances. with 5…

3 Products

EPE Series

Ecopac Powers own IP67 LED Driver Range. Available in 100W, 150W,200W and 320W, in both 12V and 24V…

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EPV Premium Series

24~100W constant-Voltage IP67 LED driver

4 Products

HLG Series

Mean Well flagship HLG series is renowned for it power and reliability. With 7 years warranty as st…

11 Products

LPF Series

Mean Well' LPF Series is a IP67 rated dimmable constant voltage LED Driver. Available in both 1-10V…

5 Products

LPH Series

IP67 Fully encapsulated constant Voltage LED Drivers. Available in 18w, with either 12,24 or 36 Vol…

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LPV Series

The LPV series from Mean Well has been a hugely successful range with millions sold worldwide. The …

5 Products

LS Series

Eaglerise LS series are on-off standard LED drivers.

3 Products

NPF Series

Mean Well' NPF Series is a IP67 rated dimmable constant voltage LED Driver. Available in both 0-10V…

4 Products

PLC Series

MEAN WELL PLC Series Single Output LED Power Supplies offer high reliability, universal AC input at…

4 Products

PLN Series

Constant voltage IP64 rated LED Drivers. The PLN series can adjust the output voltage, 2 years warr…

5 Products

SLD Series

Mean Well SLD Slim line Constant Voltage LED Driver series, available in 50W and 80W, with 12V,24V …

2 Products

XLC-25 Series (constant voltage non dim)

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XLG Series

AC-DC Single output LED driver Constant Power Mode with built-in PFC; available in 75~150W with 12 …

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