DALI Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Dali LED Drivers are able to speak digitally to Dali controller interfaces rather than through standard analogue means. This smart lighting functionality give far more options and controls to LED tape and lights and makes dimming lights more intelligent with more features available.

Our Constant Voltage DALI LED Drivers range from 25 to 360W and our Ecopac ELED DALI series is renowned for its PWM output at frequencies of 4KHz wiht DALI 2 coming soon. We also have slim line, Mean Well and EU Chips options available.


The ELED Dali Series from Ecopac Power comes with PWM output and 4kHz flicker free technology. The…

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ELED DALI Slimline Series

The ELED Slimline Dali Series are designed for lighting were space is a premium. Perfect for light …

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ELED-DP2 Series

ELED Constant Voltage DALI 2

5 Products

ELG Series

The ELG Series from Mean Well comes in both constant current and constant voltage variances. with 5…

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EU Chips Dali Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Drivers, starting at 12W to 200W.

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PWM Series

Mean Well' PWM Series is a IP67 rated dimmable constant voltage LED Driver. Available in both 0-10V…

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