Modular Power Supplies

In an effort to offer further flexibility and control to our customers, Ecopac Power have an innovative line of configurable power supplies that enable design engineers the luxury of tailoring the power supply to their implementation, rather than settling for standard off the shelf power supplies.

Ecopac power has Modular Power Supplies in stock from Mean Well and Vox Power, offering up to 1200W of power. The Vox Power Nevo series uses state-of-the-art technology to provide high power in a compact and efficient design, with fan-less and low noise fans options.

MP/MS Series

Switching power supplies with a modular design that consists of 2 stages; Front end PFC and output …

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Nevo Output modules

Output modules for NEVO units

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NEVO series

The NEVO+600 and NEVO+1200 modular configurable power supply is the smallest in its class and the u…

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NMP Series

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NMP/NMS Series

Low profile 1U high 650 watt or 1200 watt medically approved modular and configurable power supply …

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UMP Series

400 watt slim and 1U low profile modular design medically approved AC – DC power supply allowing 40…

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