The ELED range from Ecopac Power are the UK's leading dimmable LED drivers. This premium range of products have been designed to meet all lighting requirements. The range is renowned for its smooth dimming functions and is available in Triac (both leading and trailing edge), Dali and 0-10V dimming.

The ELED series comes in both constant voltage and constant current variations. The range starts at 15W and rises to 360W in both the Triac and Dali series. Ecopac Power are the sole supply of this range of product and have huge stocks ready to supply with next day delivery.

ELED 0-10V Series

The ELED 0-10V Series by Ecopac Power are dimmable LED drivers which dim via both 0-10V and 1-10V. …

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ELED DALI Slimline Series

The ELED Slimline Dali Series are designed for lighting were space is a premium. Perfect for light …

6 Products

ELED DALI2 Slimline Series

8 Products

ELED P-TRIAC Constant Current Series

10~60W Triac (leading&Trailing) Dimming Dip-Switch Output Current LED Driver

4 Products

ELED TRIAC Premium Series

The ELED TRIAC P Dimmable LED Drivers dim via leading and trailing edge technology. The series is …

8 Products


The ELED TRIAC Dimmable LED Drivers dim via leading edge technology. The ELED Triac series is avai…

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ELED TRIAC Slimline Series

ELED Triac Slimline series are mains dimmable LED drivers which dim via Leading and trailing edge. …

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ELED-DP2 Series

ELED Constant Voltage DALI 2

13 Products

ELED-DT8 Series

DALI 2 & Push Dimmable DT8 LED Driver

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