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Established in 1995, Ecopac power has over 25 years’ experience within the power supply Industry. Our strong customer focus has allowed us to become a UK market leader. We pride ourselves on finding a solution to all our customers' applications which has led us to produce our own product range.

We currently produce an extensive range of lighting power supplies and accessories. This range consists of ELED Dimmable Drivers, ECP Low Profile Drivers, ECP Slim line drivers, ECPE Plug top units and more. For further details on our Dimmable LED Drivers please look at our ELED brand.

ECD Desktop

Ecopac Desktop range, from 12W, to 120W, available in 5V, 12V and 24V output.

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ECM Multihead Plugtops

Adjustable Multihead Plug top power supplies, The series starts at 6W, and include, 12W, 24W, 36W a…

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ECM- USB Series

Ecopac Power latest USB Multihead Plugtop power supplies. Available in 5W and 10W output.

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ECP Series

The ECP series from Ecopac Power are standard non-dim LED drivers. These low profile and are suitab…

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ECP Slimline Series

The ECP Slimline series from Ecopac Power are standard non-dim Linear LED drivers. These Slimline D…

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ECPE Plugtops

Ecopac Power have an extensive and competitive range of plug top power supplies. Starting at 6W to …

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EPE Series

Ecopac Powers own IP67 LED Driver Range. Available in 100W, 150W,200W and 320W, in both 12V and 24V…

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EPV Series

Ecopac Power's EPV series are fully lighting approved IP67 LED Drivers. These PFC economical consta…

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