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MEAN WELL GST120A Series - 120W Green Adaptor Level VI

Mean Well is pleased to unveil the green adaptor with higher output wattage MEAN WELL GST120A series. MEAN WELL GST120A is equipped with a no load power consumption (less than 0.15W) and an average operating efficiency that are superior to MEAN WELL GS120 (120W, level V), which is already released to the market.
4 months ago

Product Change Notice: MEAN WELL GSM40~220 Series

As the medical regulations IEC60601-1 Chapter 7.8.1 require the LED indicator light of medical products to be green, MEAN WELL changed the color of the medical adaptor GSM40 ~ 220 series from blue light to the green light (refer to the illustrations below for details). The change has been implemented since2019/7, and there will be a transition period of the inventory.
4 months ago

GEM06I Series 6W Medical Grade AC Plug-interchangeable Adaptor (Level V)

GEM family, the medical wall-mounted green adaptor with the interchangeable AC plugs (European, USA, U.K. and Australian types) of MEAN WELL, has received positive feedbacks from household medical market since it was firstly announced in 2015. Soon after the  GEM12I/18I/30I/40I/60I (12W/18W/30W/40W/60W )series are released, MEAN WELL is pleased to unveil the new 6W GEM06I series in order to meet the lower out wattage application demands.
7 months ago

GE40 Series 40W AC Plug-Interchangeable Green Adaptor (Level VI)

After GE12/18/24/30 series was launched, MEAN WELL is proud to unveil the 40W wall-mount type green adaptor with interchangeable AC plugs ~GE40 series. The main power body of this product can pair with one of the four types of interchangeable AC plugs, which are European type, U.S. type, UK type, and Australian type that are easy to change and use all over the world. GE40 series complies with the latest global energy efficiency (EISA 2007.DoE Level VI) and EU ErP that it is one high quality, long lifespan, and energy saving industrial-grade adaptor.
10 months ago