MEAN WELL CSP-3000 - Optimization and Conformal Coating Added

CSP-3000 is MEAN WELL first high-voltage power supply, providing 120V / 250V / 400V output voltage. Since it was launched, it has been highly favored and being widely used in laser, UV curing and charging applications.

7 months ago

MEAN WELL GST120A Series - 120W Green Adaptor Level VI

Mean Well is pleased to unveil the green adaptor with higher output wattage MEAN WELL GST120A series. MEAN WELL GST120A is equipped with a no load power consumption (less than 0.15W) and an average operating efficiency that are superior to MEAN WELL GS120 (120W, level V), which is already released to the market.
8 months ago

Product Change Notice: MEAN WELL GSM40~220 Series

As the medical regulations IEC60601-1 Chapter 7.8.1 require the LED indicator light of medical products to be green, MEAN WELL changed the color of the medical adaptor GSM40 ~ 220 series from blue light to the green light (refer to the illustrations below for details). The change has been implemented since2019/7, and there will be a transition period of the inventory.
8 months ago

MEAN WELL XBG-100 & XBG-240 Circular LED Driver

The MEAN WELL XBG-100 and XBG-240 series is a new generation LED driver with a patented circular case mechanism design for bay light and floodlight application. The current wattage can cover 100W (XBG-100) / 160W (XBG-160) and 240W (XBG-240), which can meet most applications of bay light and floodlight. With the current HBG-60 and HBGC-300 series, the whole circular LED driver product line is complete for customers’ selection.
8 months ago

MEAN WELL MPM-45, MPM-65, MPM-90 - AC/DC Medical Power Supply

MEAN WELL is releasing the 45~90W MPM-45, MPM-65, MPM-90 series as a response to the miniaturization trend and growing power demands of medical equipment. MEAN WELL MPM-45, MPM-65 and MPM-90 will expand the 5~30W MPM-05/10/15/20/30 series to cover higher power applications. These three series are on-board type medical power modules, and they are suitable for direct mounting and soldering onto the PCB. Alternatively, the MPM-45/65/90-xST screw terminal type models can provide additional mounting and wiring options.
9 months ago

MEAN WELL PHP-3500 Series High Efficiency Water-cooled Power Supply

MEAN WELL PHP-3500 is a 3500W enclosed type AC/DC water-cooling switching power supply that adopts fully digitalized design and possesses rich features such as 96% high efficiency, programmable output and much more.
9 months ago

LPF Series Upgrade with Global Cable and Latest PSE Certificate

MEAN WELL LPF LED Driver series is one of MEAN WELL's best-selling Constant Voltage models, which is widely used around the world. In order to reduce the frequent modification of wires due to various safety regulation requirements, MEAN WELL has integrated all LPF-16 /25/40/60/90 series cable replacement by global certificate cable to reduce modification and MOQ issues.
9 months ago

MEAN WELL UHP-2500-36 series 2500W 36V Fanless Conduction-cooled Power Supply

MEAN WELL leading conduction-cooled switching power supply UHP-2500 struck a chord when 24V (UHP-2500-24) and 48V (UHP-2500-48) models were released in August 2019. In order to meet the comprehensive needs of end customers, MEAN WELL is pleased to launch the switching psu UHP-2500-36 model to complete the UHP series.
9 months ago

MEAN WELL RPS-120S Series High Efficiency Miniaturized 3”x2” Medical Grade Open Frame Power Supply

The RPS-120S series is the only medical grade 3”x2” PCB type power supply on the market that can operate up to 120W under free air convection. The maximum power rating achieved by other 3”x2” PCB type power supplies is 100W without external fan cooling
9 months ago

ELED Premium Triac Dimmable Series

Premium Range of Leading Edge and Trailing Edge MAINS Dimmable LED Drivers now available from Ecopac Power. Ecopac Power has introduced a wide range of Premium Mains Dimmable LED Drivers to suit most applications the ELED-P-T series are suitable for domestic or commercial installations.
9 months ago